Ripple, a leading cryptocurrency firm, has teamed up with Uphold, a versatile digital currency platform spanning 184 countries and offering access to over 200 cryptocurrencies. This collaboration aims to supercharge Ripple’s cross-border payment system and amplify its crypto liquidity capabilities. With operations in 55+ countries and payout services in 70 markets, Ripple has already processed a staggering $30 billion in transactions, underlining its pivotal role in the cryptocurrency landscape. Now there are strong rumors about this big tie-up, Uphold’s earlier conversations about XRP hitting $1,000, and whether they tipped the partnership in question.

Over the past years, Uphold had openly engaged in conversations about XRP’s price prospects, particularly in the context of reaching a triple-digit valuation. These discussions, taking place between 2021 and 2022, were framed as speculative musings rather than official forecasts.

Uphold’s Tweets on XRP Raising Doubts

Uphold initiated these discussions through X Post, asking the XRP community about their hopes and expectations regarding the future price of XRP. Notably, some enthusiastic XRP supporters responded to these inquiries by expressing their anticipation of XRP trading at prices exceeding $1,000. Uphold, in a rather consistent manner, responded to these optimistic anticipations by posing the question: “What would you do if XRP reached $1000?” These responses were essentially Uphold’s way of engaging with the XRP community, feeding the excitement surrounding the digital asset.

The Community’s Assumption and Speculation

Uphold’s past chat with the XRP community, while part of a chain reaction, hinted at Uphold’s earlier positive sentiment towards XRP. The community interpreted this conversation as a potential bullish sign and a deeper exploration of XRP’s future potential. Rumors intensified when some in the XRP community took a jab at Uphold’s prior interactions as a hidden message about future collaborations or XRP-related developments.

For instance, a notable XRP influencer, Amelie, took screenshots of Uphold’s tweets regarding the possibility of XRP reaching $1,000 and questioned whether there were concealed messages within these discussions. This speculation has led to questions about whether Uphold’s partnership with Ripple, which was publicly revealed, may have been planned for a considerable period, potentially with the aim of facilitating XRP’s journey to a $1,000 valuation. 

In a parallel move, Uphold, a U.S. trading platform has also announced plans to buy XRP on the open market for ODL (now Ripple Payments) transactions without leveraging user deposits. 

Right now XRP Juggling to Retain Value…

Due to the penalty phase controversy in the Ripple case, XRP’s price outlook is at a critical juncture. Holding above $0.54 may spark a bullish surge to $0.64, potentially rekindling a push towards $1. Conversely, if bears take charge, a test of support around $0.50 is likely. Additionally, the market closely watches for potential whale activity before any resolution in the Ripple Labs case, which could have a significant impact on XRP’s value.

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