• Renowned crypto lawyer believes that XRP paying less than $20 million in settlement to the SEC will be its legal win. Meanwhile, experts anticipate XRP will cross the $1 mark in 2024
  • Investors are flocking to Rebel Satoshi for its dedication to promoting decentralization. Meanwhile, market analysts believe $RBLZ can deliver 150% gains by the end of its public presale.
  • NEO’s parent company announced the launch of a new sidechain. Recently, market analysts predicted that NEO could surge by 156% in 2024.

XRP remained in the headlines throughout 2023 for its legal tussle against the SEC. Now, XRP is finally recovering as the market heads toward a major rally. Meanwhile, Rebel Satoshi is challenging the status quo by initiating a rebellion in the community, with predictions for a 150% surge. On the other hand, Neo recently announced a new EVM-compatible sidechain.

Let’s explore what’s happening around XRP, $RBLZ, and NEO and find the best crypto to invest in!

XRP Soars as Crypto Lawyer Offers a Unique Perspective on XRP vs. SEC Lawsuit

On November 4, 2023, the crypto community received insights from renowned crypto lawyer John E. Deaton regarding the ongoing legal battle between Ripple Labs and the SEC concerning XRP.

Deaton, a legal expert in the crypto space, offered a unique perspective on the XRP vs SEC lawsuit, asserting that any potential settlement below the $20 million mark would be a resounding legal victory for XRP. He further emphasized that contrary to some opinions, the lawsuit’s outcome favored Ripple, equating it to a 90-10 ratio in the company’s favor.

The price of XRP experienced a substantial boost in response to these positive legal perspectives. Before the news on November 4, XRP was trading at $0.6101. However, following the encouraging insights from Deaton, the price saw a remarkable increase of 17.2%, reaching $0.7155 by November 7. So, is XRP the best crypto to buy now?

Looking ahead to 2024, XRP appears poised for potential growth. Industry experts predict that XRP’s price could surpass the $1 price, reaching approximately $1.9540 in 2024. Recent positive developments and the anticipation of an upcoming bull run fuel this optimism. However, in the event of bearish market sentiment, XRP’s price may remain around $0.4787 in 2024.

Rebel Satoshi Becomes an Investor Favorite With 150% Gain Prospects 

Rebel Satoshi challenges the traditional structures that disproportionately favor a select few, amassing immense wealth and power. It is a call for collective action to disrupt the existing order and pave the way for a more decentralized and equitable cryptocurrency ecosystem.

The native token of the Rebel Satoshi ecosystem, $RBLZ, has become the best ICO. $RBLZ embodies the idea that unity and defiance can drive change, transforming the conventional landscape. Through $RBLZ, participants can engage in quests, claim rewards, and connect with a vibrant community that shares the spirit of defiance and unity.

As Rebel Satoshi continues to gain popularity, it has entered its early bid round, with the token currently priced at $0.01 per $RBLZ. Market analysts are optimistic about $RBLZ’s potential for a substantial 29% surge, taking $RBLZ’s price to $0.013 in the next round.

The real excitement, however, lies in Rebel Satoshi’s forecasted official launch, where experts predict an impressive 150% increase in $RBLZ’s value. This projection has made Rebel Satoshi one of the top altcoins to watch for among investors seeking an asset that defies conventions and offers substantial growth prospects.

NEO Surges as Its Parent Company Announces a New Side Chain

On October 27, 2023, Da Hongfei, the founder of Neo (NEO), shared a significant milestone reached within the Neo network.

According to Hongfei, Neo’s development team is creating a groundbreaking sidechain compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). The primary objective behind this development is to fortify the Neo ecosystem against potential exploits stemming from the Miner Extractable Value (MEV).

The impact of this announcement reverberated within the cryptocurrency markets. On October 27, NEO was trading at $8.1136. Following the news of the innovative sidechain, the price experienced a significant surge, with NEO rising by 62.9% to $13.2201 by November 7.

As we look ahead to 2024, industry experts foresee a promising trajectory for Neo. Price predictions suggest that NEO’s value could experience a substantial surge of 156%, potentially reaching $33.87 in 2024.

This bullish outlook is underpinned by Neo’s remarkable price performance and the widespread anticipation of an upcoming bull run. In case bearish sentiments prevail, NEO’s price is expected to stabilize around $11.34 in 2024.

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