As the speculation around the Ripple vs SEC case is emerging every new day, the XRP price is also becoming stronger every new day. Currently, bulls have lifted the price close to one of the major resistance that may pave the way for a healthy breakout toward the initial threshold at $0.5. Besides, the breakout may also want the bearish influence to a large extent which may spark a fresh upswing toward the dollar. 

While the XRP price against USDT has been breaking the upper resistance, the XRP price against Bitcoin is also showing acute strength. The pair soared high to test the upper resistance again, which it failed to clear during the previous attempt. However, the bulls previously displayed weakness but are believed to manifest acute strength and rise above the descending trend line. 

The XRP bulls are required to clear the crucial trend line at the earliest to ignite a notable rise beyond 0.00002 BTC, which records a 20% jump initially. However, the actual surge is believed to be more than 40% to 50%, as predicted by popular analyst Captian Faibik

“ XRP bulls need to clear the Major Trendline Resistance to Confirm the Breakout.

In case of Successful Breakout, We Anticipate an Epic +40-50% Bullish Rally.”

Yet another popular analyst, Dark Defender believes that if the XRP price breaks above $0.5 to $1.33 levels, then it may soar high to hit $22. 

Collectively, the outcome of the Ripple vs SEC case is believed to induce significant bullish momentum over the crypto, and the value is believed to get doubled very soon. No doubt, the bears may also try to clinch the rally, but eventually, the bulls may not leave any room for them to flourish. 

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