XRP Community Gets Critical Warning, What It Pertains To
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The XRP Ledger Foundation’s forensics team, committed to detecting and combating financial crime on the XRPL, has issued an important alert to the XRP community.

This comes as a shockingly realistic deepfake video impersonating Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse’s voice and appearance has emerged, attempting to deceive people into investing in a fake XRP giveaway.

The scam entices victims with a seemingly lucrative offer, which is to send at least 1,000 XRP and earn twice as much in return. The video’s voice, which accurately mimics the Ripple CEO, offers quick returns to people who participate in this so-called community-support initiative.

In light of this, XRP forensics issues a critical warning to the XRP community to beware of deep fakes. Also, they are urged to be alert and not accept “free money.” The XRP community should note that schemes promoting “free money” are a hoax to steal funds.

XRP holders’ lawyer John Deaton, who calls attention on X to the Ripple CEO deepfake, cautions the XRP community that anyone asking them to send crypto or gain access to their wallet is a scammer.

XRP community has not been immune to the activities of bad actors who wish to prey on unsuspecting investors. When the Xahau network went live at October’s close, XRP forensics reminded the XRP community not to share their keys as there are no airdrops nor giveaways.

It should also be borne in mind that bad actors are constantly upping their game, employing more sophisticated means to dupe unsuspecting investors. As reported, XRP users of the Xumm crypto wallet were warned of a fake Xumm plugin in the Chrome web store requesting user secret phases to steal funds. Xumm does not and will never offer browser plugins.

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