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Push by XRP community to get XRP relisted by exchanges, including Coinbase, continues

XRP might be relisted on Coinbase, but this would require some legal steps, according to Coinbase’s chief legal officer, Paul Grewal.

In an interview with Tony Edwards, host of the “Thinking Crypto” podcast, Paul Grewal spoke at length about some topics, including the relisting of XRP on Coinbase.

When asked about a potential relisting after the judge’s ruling in the Ripple lawsuit, Grewal replied that it would depend on the grounds of the ruling, the judge’s legal reasoning, and Coinbase’s assessment of whether the court would affirm the decision.

“So a lot is going to depend on the particulars of that court rules. I know that’s not going to be terribly satisfying to some, but we do have a responsibility as a publicly listed company to tread carefully in this area and with respect to any token that’s a subject of federal court litigation,” Grewal added.

XRP community reacts

The XRP community reacted to Grewal’s comments on the XRP relisting. An XRP enthusiast, Yassin Mobarak, interprets Grewal’s comments to imply that “Coinbase will relist XRP if a ruling from the Ripple vs. SEC case gives it clarity.”

Crypto enthusiast and lawyer Bill Morgan reacted, “No trading XRP on Coinbase any time soon,” citing Grewal’s comments on an assessment of whether the Court of Appeals would uphold the judge’s decision.

In January 2021, shortly after the SEC filed its lawsuit against Ripple, Coinbase exchange suspended XRP trading.

The push by the XRP community to get XRP relisted by exchanges, including Coinbase, continues.

Cryptocurrency start-up, LBRY also joined the push by advocating that Coinbase relist XRP after the judge in its case clarified that the ruling did not extend to secondary market sales.

However, XRP trading remains suspended on Coinbase.

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