Renowned crypto investor and trader Rob Art recently sparked laughter among the XRP army with his light-hearted jest involving XRP and a coveted green Lamborghini.

Rob Art shared a playful snapshot of a Lamborghini, quipping, “After six years of investing in XRP, I can now buy a coffee and watch the proud owner of this Lamborghini drive off.” Unsurprisingly, his post was met with a barrage of laughter from the crypto community, clearly enjoying his sense of humor.

XRP’s Roller Coaster Ride

Meanwhile, XRP’s price is $0.50 when writing this article, experiencing a slight uptick of 0.95% within the last 24 hours. The popular cryptocurrency stayed strong, hovering over its 20-day average for some time. However, it took a slight dive below this mark on September 24th, indicating a bit of turbulence.

Moreover, the market hints at some key potential moves for XRP. If the currency continues its downward trajectory, it might find firm footing at the uptrend line ($0.49). This line historically has proven to be a robust support for XRP. If it manages a bounce-back from this line, we might see the bulls taking the reins and pushing the price beyond its 20-day average.

On the other hand, if the uptrend doesn’t hold its ground, XRP’s value might drop to $0.46 before finding another considerable support at $0.41, which experts anticipate will draw considerable buying interest.

The coin recently had a tough time breaching the $0.52 mark. After peaking close to this level, it underwent a slight correction. It seems to be regaining some ground, climbing over significant recent lows and trading consistently over $0.500.

What’s Next For XRP in the Short Term?

Immediate resistance for XRP is around the $0.508 mark. An intriguing pattern emerges on the 4-hour chart, suggesting a pivotal move might be around the corner. If XRP manages to push beyond $0.512, it might charge toward the $0.531 mark. A triumphant surge past this could lead to a bullish rally, aiming for resistances at $0.570 and possibly even $0.600.

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