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Australia-based SHIB-themed restaurant will broadcast its grand opening live on YouTube

Shiba Wings has finally announced its grand opening, and it will launch a live broadcast of it in less than 15 hours. The creator of Shiba Inu and Shibarium, Shytoshi Kusama, posted a tweet that can be interpreted as support for this.

Shiba Wings preparing to open

This restaurant based in Australia will be accepting SHIB for food and drink, and it has a Shiba Inu-themed interior with not only logos of SHIB but also Shiba Inu tokens placed on the walls, ceiling and chandeliers.

The link to the YouTube channel where the opening will go live was shared by the chief of the Shiba Inu developer team known under the alias Shytoshi Kusama on his Twitter handle. He commented that the integration of SHIB in this restaurant is “a great example of decentralization.”

Last November, Shiba Wings tweeted that they were planning to open “really soon” and intended to integrate with Shibarium as soon as the Layer 2 solution for SHIB is launched.

Another restaurant, a fast food one, is collaborating with Shiba Inu — Italian burger chain Welly. It also conducted a full rebranding after inking that partnership and is using SHIB as its mascot now.

In mid-January this year, Shiba Wings posted a tweet, stating that it was “counting days” until the opening. Shytoshi Kusama then came over to leave a supporting comment, “wen Shibarium?” as if reminding the SHIB army that this place will be integrated on the Layer 2 solution and, thus, contribute to Shiba Inu token burns.

The Shibarium testnet called Puppynet was launched last Saturday. However, according to Kusama, there will be more testnets later to fix all the bugs that the developer team comes across.

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