XRP Ledger noncustodial wallet Xumm is seeing a major rebranding as it has taken on a new name: Xaman. Xumm will now be known as Xaman.

In an official blog post, Xumm announced it has evolved into a new era, which does not merely represent a name change but also a transition from a lab concept into a fully realized XRPL powerhouse.

It explains the motive behind the move: its decision to evolve into Xaman considers the existing landscape of brands within the industry. It discovered other businesses with names similar to Xumm in the cryptocurrency field and decided to change its name to Xaman to stand out and avoid any potential confusion.

Thus, with the shift, Xumm believes its evolution will reach a new frontier, uniting XRPL Labs and Xumm under one stronger identity, Xaman.

Previously, its progress had been periodically hampered by confusion due to the separate identities of XRPL Labs and Xumm, as well as unintentional links to other entities in the XRPL ecosystem.

The Maya god of commerce, trade, business and the economy is known by the name “Xaman.” According to Xumm, the word “Xaman” appropriately expresses its goal of integrating retail and cryptocurrencies and serves as a suitable embodiment for its grand vision.

Xumm notes that its transition to Xaman will be a gradual process. Additionally, it will unify the Xumm app and business under a single name and brand, reducing confusion and reinforcing its identity.

Meanwhile, the functionality and operations of all previously XRPL Labs/Xumm products, such as Tangem cards, will remain the same.

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